Quadrennial Concert

The New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence is proud of its history sponsoring the quadrennial concerts at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. It is a signature event for the foundation and one of the most visible and enjoyable nights for the entire New Rochelle community. Hundreds of high school students on stage at a premier venue with hundreds more family and friends looking on; it’s a once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved.

The concert is the result of the work of many people, devoting countless hours of their time. Most of these people are hard working community members and educators. The NR Fund cannot and has never undertaken this endeavor on its own.

Every four years, we reach out to New Rochelle High School and the community to engage the heroes; the parents, the teachers, the administrators; who make the concert a success. That effort has only just begun as we have been discussing a variety of options and possibilities with the District.

We are heartened that in the last few days so many people have expressed a desire to once again hold this amazing event.

If you, or anyone you know would like to help with the planning, support and execution of the concert, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing aberman@nredlearn.org.