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Bruno Attisani was born in Calabria, Italy, and came to the US in 1980. He started working for the New Rochelle School District in 2008, first at Albert Leonard and then at New Rochelle High School where he’s been for six years.

Bruno bought his first camera and left it under his bed for weeks because he was afraid of it. He had never used a real camera before. Eventually he started learning the ins and outs of photography and started capturing waterfalls and people in natural settings learning about photography as he went.

You Tube was a big help and Bruno watched endless “HOW TO” videos. He started networking with other photographers that gave him pointers on how to improve his images and began to invest in better equipment.

Bruno started photographing wildlife five years ago and became addicted. To this day, when he sees an owl his adrenaline kicks in and he cant stop smiling. He loves what he does during his free time!

Most days he’s outside shooting photos from sunrise to sunset. Wild things make Bruno happy and he dedicates himself to the next best image.

He prefers cloudy days to sunny as there is less of a glare. Bruno has a saying, “Bad weather makes better photos.” But no matter what the weather, when the alarm goes off at 5 AM, He leaps into action with camera in hand!

Most images in the show are of majestic bald eagles...peregrine falcons in flight and a variety of owls and their families. All are amazing and took hours of patience to capture that perfect moment.

Please stop by the MAC Gallery to see his’s truly wonderful!

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“The point of the exhibition is to show that life and art continue. In every generation, art survives." –Laura Heiss, MAC Director

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