Grant Guidelines

Please read the NEW guidelines below carefully before starting the application.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Established in 1998, the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence (the Fund) supports our school system and its extraordinary, diverse student body through advancing equity, excellence and inspiring all public school students. The Fund partners with the City School District of New Rochelle and engages the broader New Rochelle community to develop, fund and implement high-quality educational and enrichment programming that enhances the school experience and helps students thrive and succeed along their educational journey.

The Fund’s hallmark Grants Program is intended to supplement an instructional need or enrichment opportunity, or subsidize a program/project that might not otherwise happen or reach the ideal scale. The 2020-2021 school year marks a significant change to students’ learning environment; We encourage applicants to be thoughtful and creative in their grant requests for programs that can be implemented during a time of increased remote learning, and with an awareness for current health and safety practices.

Priority will be given to programs that promote active student learning, are innovative and offer students the chance to find their voice and build their self-confidence. When developing your proposal, please keep in mind that the Fund will give preference to programs that are compatible with City School District of New Rochelle curricula, and have measurable objectives, as well as those that encourage collaboration across classes, disciplines, teams, and schools.

We accept applications from administrators, teachers, parents and students across the entire District.

Timeline and Budget: This year we have extended our normal submission deadline for applications; the SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2021.

Notification of grant decisions is projected for early February, for projects to take place winter and spring between February and June, 2021. Applications that go outside of these parameters (over the summer, for example) will be considered but are not guaranteed. Despite this year’s challenges, the Fund remains fully committed to the importance, place, and goals of its Grants Program. For this Grants cycle, applicants can request funding up to $1,500. Complete applications must include a filled-out Principal’s Comment Form, and may then be submitted as one document via email to (Please note: If you do not receive a confirmation within five days of submitting, please resubmit).

Additional Details: All grant requests should have the support of all school personnel involved in implementing the program. Proposals must be reviewed by the school principal in advance of submission. Parent and student proposals need a designated teacher/administrator advisor. A grant request for technology must be supported by Paul Caputo, in addition to your school principal. A grant request pertaining to the needs of special education students must be supported by Dara Joseph, in addition to your school principal. Grant approval is discretionary, and grants may not be funded even if the above criteria are satisfied, or if you have been awarded a Fund Grant in the past. It is also within the discretion of the Fund to partially fund a grant and/or make alterations to a grant as a condition of approval.

Evaluation: Successful grant applicants are required to submit via email and hard copy a written final assessment report as well as photos and other documentation within 45 days of program completion. Additionally, receipts for all expenses covered under the grant are required to show proof of disbursement of all monies (unless otherwise agreed upon in advance). Any unused funds must be returned immediately to the NR Fund.

Acknowledgement: When notifying the community about the funding, the following language must be included: “This project/program was supported by the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence.” The Fund’s logo can be provided and should be used whenever possible. By publicizing the activities generated by the Grants, the Fund increases outreach within the community and opportunities to raise future funds for these types of endeavors. 



Below is an outline of the grant application, please click here to download the form to complete and submit.
  1. Project Description/Summary:

Please provide an overview of your grant request. Who is involved in implementing it and how will it support classwork (remote or in-person) AND align with current City School District of New Rochelle curricula? Please specify the skills, knowledge and/or personal areas of growth students or teachers will acquire. How did you learn of or develop the program or project you are requesting funding for?


  1. How does this program align with the Fund for Educational Excellence?

Please consult our website at and explain how this program/initiative aligns with the Fund. Please also be sure to carefully consult the 2020/2021 Grant Guidelines stated mission, vision and values, and cite specific examples to support your application.


  1. Participants:

How many students will be affected directly now and in the future? Which grades? How many students may be affected indirectly, and how?


  1. Plan of Action:

Please list ALL activities and timelines for completing project objectives.


  1. Budget:

What is the total program budget and the requested program costs? Please include a well-researched, itemized list of project costs, including items such as any staff costs, and supply/material/equipment costs. Please note any funding from the District and/or other funders for the program or project.

*Note that Fund Grants do NOT supplement costs of transportation nor travel.


  1. Evaluation:

What are the anticipated outcomes? How will you measure whether or not this program has been successful now and in the future?


  1. Sustainability:

Do you anticipate continuing this program? How might it be sustained? Can it be expanded or replicated to serve students in other City School District of New Rochelle buildings, virtual realms, or beyond?


  1. Grant Partner(s)/Teacher Advisor:

If applicable, please list any grant partners. Parents, students, and/or administrators, please include your Teacher Advisor’s contact information.


  1. Acknowledgement:

Please list plans for acknowledgement of the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence within the application. THIS IS REQUIRED!


  1. Approval by Principal:

IMPORTANT! You must have your principal fill out and sign the Principal’s Comment Form (click to download) and submit with the application. No applications will be considered without this form. DO NOT send in separate documents – they will not be accepted for consideration.